Yuching Desch
Stunt Dog Judge, ATT Judge

I have been a lifelong lover of dogs. But it wasn’t until I rescued a fear-aggressive little poodle mix named Bailey that I became serious about dog behavior and training.

To help my dog build confidence, I began taking Bailey to classes at the local humane society for obedience, agility, nosework and tricks.

Bailey has earned a reputation as class clown at many of these classes. Bailey holds an Expert Trick Dog title with Do More With Your Dog and holds a Trick Dog Performer title with American Kennel Club. His current interest is Scent work. Bailey passed his NACSW Odor Recognition Test (ORT) on all three target odors (Birch & Anise 2018, Clove 2019) and received his NW1 title in 2019. He’s working towards his NW2 title next.

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Through attending many classes, workshops and behavior seminars, I have gained better understanding about dogs and their behaviors. I also realize that having “fun” is very important in learning especially for both the teacher and learner. When my dog is having fun during a training session, the new environment is no longer scary to him.

I have seen many shy and fearful dogs suffering during training sessions because they don’t feel safe and enjoyable. It is my goal to help the owners of shy and fearful dogs to understand how their dogs feel and help them find the “fun” again in training and in life.

I offer behavior consultations and private training in Marin & Sonoma. My specialties include basic obedience, puppy training/socialization, tricks, body conditioning exercise, scent work and behavior modification for fear-aggressive dogs.

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CCPDT APDT CNWINACSWAKC Trick Evaluator AKC CGC Evaluator AKC Temperament TestStunt Dog Judge Canine Conditioning Coach