Behavior Consultation

Is your dog displaying undesirable behaviors such as destructive behaviors or fear-aggression that are beyond basic training?

If you answer “yes”, then behavior consult is what you need.

During our initial consult (in-person or virtual), we will discuss the problem behavior(s) and the environment to determine the best approach to address it. Depends on the individual dog’s needs, a customized training plan will be provided to help you obtain necessary knowledge and skills to train and help your dog.

Behavior issues I can help with:

  • Anxiety, Fear & Aggression behaviors: anxiety, fear-aggression (trembling, hiding under a chair, fear-biting, etc.), fearful of people/dogs/novelty objects/novelty environments
  • Reactivity: leash reactivity, reactivity (barking, growling, lunging, chasing, etc.) towards people, dogs, noise,​ motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard
  • Guarding: territorial aggression, resource guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Puppy Management: potty training, mouthiness, chewing, socialization, jumping, digging
  • Adolescent Management: pulling on leash, recall, impulse control, counter-surfing
  • Other: digging, jumping, eating junks (Pica, Coprophagia)

Initial consult is $145 for a 90-minute with your choice of in-person plus travel or virtual (via Zoom, Meet) session.
Subsequent training is $100 for a 60-minute session plus travel.
Training packages are available.
Payment via Venmo or credit card is expected prior to appointment.
*All fees are subject to change without prior notice. Travel fee is calculated at $1/mile exceeding a complimentary 40-mile round-trip basis.

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