From Rachel:

I am so grateful to have worked with Yuching on training our puppy during a challenging time of becoming a new mom to both our baby and puppy. In two sessions, we made significant progress, and I saw tangible results after our first meeting. Yuching arrived prepared, with a plan, and was able to adapt and meet me exactly where I was. She accommodated my need to hold my baby for the majority of both sessions, and we were still able to accomplish a lot. I appreciate that building a strong relationship with your pup is the foundation of her training philosophy, and that I was also able to see quick results from some simple practices that have made a huge difference. I continue to use these training techniques with our puppy now, and she loves any opportunity for practice and getting positive reinforcement. 

From Sharon:

Searching for the preeminent canine trainer, I found Yuching Desch of K9 Learning, the best in the Bay Area. I explored so many trainers online and in person looking for the perfect teacher for my Australian Labradoodle, Asha. During the first lesson with Yuching, I knew I had been given a chance at purchasing a lottery ticket and won big time!

Along with her many admirable awards and certificates, Yuching possesses rare innate skills demonstrating an uncanny, matchless understanding of canines. Yuching communicates gently and directly via body language. Watching Yuching relate to Asha is unalloyed magical delight.

Following Yuching’s direction, Asha looks like she’s been performing the tasks naturally with ease and perfect understanding forever. Witnessing Asha perform with Yuching, my heart leaps, and I am resolved to learn all I can during each lesson. I strive to emulate Yuching’s skillful movements which render a smooth, joyful dance that Asha follows faithfully, jubilantly, expectantly.

I am much less quick to learn than Asha is; however, Yuching also understands the particular learning needs of Asha’s human guardian. With patience and keen observation, Yuching guides me with amazingly nimble, perspicacious teaching skills which pivot seamlessly in accordance with my unsure movements. I learn how to better connect with Asha in training her until both Asha and I have built up “muscle memory” for each task. A kind of abandoned freedom ensues.

Having searched for so long for a trainer, I feel a dream has come true for me and for Asha. Yuching displays passionate care for the canine kingdom, and her teaching skills aimed at both human and canine are unsurpassed. Since our training with Yuching, many people have already commented on Asha’s manners. Thanks to Yuching, Asha is welcomed everywhere we go together. It’s impossible to express in words my deep gratitude to K9 Learning, and Asha sends her unabashed gratefulness to her beloved teacher Yuching.

From Lisa:

My family and I are so grateful to be working with Yuching! Our 5 year old dog, Luna, is fearful of many dogs and people (not to mention all skateboards and scooters!). We have struggled to minimize her leash reactivity and barking since she was a puppy. Our initial consultation session with Yuching was such a gift! Her calm, kind, confident demeanor is a perfect match for our nervous pup. We were delighted to see Luna responding so positively to Yuching within minutes of meeting her. Yuching is teaching us games and strategies that are helping to reduce Luna’s fear and build her confidence–and we are all having a lot of fun in the process! In addition, she provided us with a comprehensive write-up that includes detailed observations of Luna and many recommendations for us. We look forward to continuing our training with Yuching!

From Rachel:

After several trainers, we finally found THE ONE! Yuching is a truly special trainer. She combines her expertise in obedience and behavior with her personal experiences as a dog owner. She gave me effective and useful tools to manage and resolve my puppy’s separation anxiety, jumping, and submissive urination- tools that no other trainer had suggested. She was a pleasure to work with. Her calming energy was highly beneficial to my pup who responded magnificently to her. Additionally, she was available and incredibly responsive by email and phone to answer questions. Yuching is true gem and a blessing to all of the animals and humans that she serves.

From Kelly:

I hired Yuching after realizing that I just didn’t have the skills to help my puppy succeed and have better social skills (no lunging or barking please). He was reacting and barking to sounds outside, and seemed like an “ADD” puppy, just so easily distracted. I had a previous dog which I trained and even got titles for achievement, so I thought I should be able to train this guy all myself. I also had taken group classes, but Yuching’s one on one help was what we needed all along. I thought my guy wasn’t food driven, but in reality he was so anxious that he couldn’t eat, and I hadn’t recognized his (dog) signs. We now go for walks and do training outside and he’s super attentive, calmer, and food driven, too! My only regret is that I didn’t hire Yuching sooner because I kept telling myself I could do it myself. In just a few sessions so far, she has made a world of difference for myself AND my dog. Thank you, Yuching!

From Amy:

Yuching is thorough, professional and really understands how to explain where your dog is coming from. She is patient and models what to do so it’s easy to learn a few adjustments to make your dog’s behavior closer to what you are wishing for. Yuching loves dogs and will help you learn to love and understand yours even more than you already do.

From Monica:

Yuching came to my home after I adopted a nine-week-old puppy from the Marin Humane and gave me the essential training tips I needed at that moment, as well as a solid foundation for future training. She had a kind and skillful approach to both me and my puppy (and my two cats!), answered all my questions and she followed-up after our session with a comprehensive email summarizing the training and offering other tips. My puppy, now six months-old, is very sweet and well-behaved, loves people and dogs of all ages and is a true companion to me.

From KD:

We rescued our dog, Nala, from the shelter and she had some dog reactivity issues. I must have read 4-5 books on the topic and had attempted to train her myself, but wasn’t getting anywhere (It didn’t help that Nala doesn’t care much for food or treats). I reached out to Yuching and from the first meeting, Nala was literally eating out of her hand (I’d never seen her food motivated before!) and was super engaged with Yuching. Yuching was able to teach Nala and I the correct timing and way to reinforce certain behaviors in real time. After our sessions, she sends me recaps about what we learned, explains why we are doing the specific exercises with video links for more info, and lists progressions to up-level the work. These are SO VALUABLE! It’s only been 2 weeks, but I’ve already seen great progress with Nala. We were even able to drive by a dog recently and she didn’t bark at them! Baby steps, but big progress for her. Thank you Yuching!